Sunday, March 19, 2006

R' Ashlag Ch. 51 (Part 2)

Chapter Fifty-One:

Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag's "Introduction to the Zohar"

-- as translated and commented on by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman




"As to the (possibility of achieving the) other levels -- Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and Yechida of Asiyah -- you’d need to purify their ratzon l’kabel’s corresponding vegetableness, animalness, and verbalness in order for them to be engarbed in and receive those lights (and thus achieve those other levels). But that purification wouldn’t need to be permanent, (i.e., to the point where) 'He who knows all secrets will testify that (you) won’t fail again'."
-- ... as you had to do to achieve the above level.

"Because the whole world of Asiyah -- alone with its Keter, Chochma, Binah, Tipheret, and Malchut (cluster of) sephirot -- actually only encompasses the realm of Malchut, which is only germane to the purification of mineralness. And its five sephirot are only five subdivisions of Malchut."

"Thus, since you will have already merited purifying the mineral part of the ratzon l’kabel, you’d already (be experiencing an) affinity in form with the entire world of Asiyah."
-- That is, since “everything that exists on a comprehensive level exists on a particular level as well” (Ch. 50), you’re having achieved an affinity in form to the above degree insinuates that you’ll achieve it to succeeding degrees, too. But not permanently, as we’ll soon see.

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