Wednesday, February 21, 2007

As it stands now ...

We've reached the point now in Sefer Tanya that I'd already gotten to in my studies till now. So what I'd been able to do has been to just set it down and send it out here. I'll have to hit the books again to go on, so the installments will be coming far more slowly.

That will be true of my work on Da'at Tevunos, too, soon enough: till now I've worked up to Ch. 15, but after that I'll have to hit the books again, which will slow that project up once we get there.

I continue to work on "Eight Chapters" and "The Great Redemption" for, so those pieces should come in order. In fact, "The Great Redemption" will be finished soon, when I'll offer another Ramchal work for that series, and no, it won't be Da'at Tevunos.

I'm stalled on the Rav Ashlag site but might very get back to it in the interim.

Thanks for staying, Yaakov