Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things to come ... hopefully.

After having written the article on Ramchal's Klach Pitchei Chochma (the last in the 4 part series in commemoration of his 300th birthday) I've had this hankering to work on the book itself.
What I plan to do then is translate the 138 "Openings" themselves and not Ramchal's own comments to them, and explain each one based on his comments and on things he said on the subject elsewhere (thanks to R' Freidlander's work and R' Yoseph Spinner's).
I must say, I have been very impressed with the Bilvavi Mishkan Eveneh's series on sifrei sod all-round (which is a whole other subject unto itself) and I'll draw from it as well, though so far it only covers the first four Openings. His words elsewhere will filter through also, no doubt.
I'd also like to do something on the Leshem. What I thought I'd do is present his views on tachlit habreiah by drawing on the selections offered in Shaarei HaLeshem, and on other things I know of his works.
Both of the above will come in dribs and drabs, I'm afraid. I also go back to Rav Ashlag's Hakdamah to the Zohar and sort of encapsulate it as a working introduction on my translation already completed.