Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kitzur Ashlag 5

Kitzur Ashlag 5

Based on paragraphs 8 & 9:

We’ll now contend with the third inquiry: the notion that “our souls are a part of G-d much the way that a stone is a part of the mountain that it’s hewn from, the only difference between them being that one is a ‘piece’ while the other is the ‘whole’”. What in heaven’s name could ever have “hewn” us from Him?

Ashlag contends that the only thing that could have would be the sort of things that sets all people apart from others: conflicting personalities (disparate tsurot, as Ashlag terms it). After all, what attaches us onto G-d are things we have "in common" with Him. It follows then that when we no longer share certain traits with Him that He and we are set apart from each other.

Hence it’s the ratzon l’kabel just spoken of that sets us apart and separates us from G-d, since He doesn’t have one and we certainly do.

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