Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Please See to it that All Young Children and the Weak of Heart are Out of the Room, Ladies and Gentlemen ... (Part 1)

Please See to it that All Young Children and the Weak of Heart are Out of the Room, Ladies and Gentlemen: We’re About to Discuss the Resurrection of the Dead! (Part 1)

by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman


The very thought of it is flat-out spooky. Yet we Jews accept as a matter of faith that the dead will eventually come alive once again! Whew. Talk about way out there.

Yet the great prophet Ezekiel spoke about it at length, and a lot is riding on your believing in it. After all, if you don’t believe that the resurrection of the dead is alluded to in the Torah, you’re out to lose your place in The World to Come!

As the tradition puts it, there’ll come a time after the Messiah will have arrived when everyone then alive will die, and most (not all, though) will arise “out of the ashes”, souls will slip into bodies once again, and walk away in stunned wonder.

What’s going on? We’ll try to explain that shortly enough. But first a few words about the meaning of our lives, good versus evil, and the stark and raw fact that most of us seem to be in pain, and are going off the mark all the time. Stay with me, please!

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