Friday, June 03, 2005

A Slow Reading of The Introduction to "The Path of the Just" (Part 10)


"If one would reflect upon the matter he would find that true piety is not dependent upon those things the fools who make themselves out to be pious think it is, but rather upon true wholeness and profound wisdom. This is what Moses our teacher taught us when he said, (Deuteronomy 10:12-13), 'And now, Israel -- what does G-d your L-rd require of you if not to revere G-d your L-rd; to go in all of His ways, to love Him and to serve G-d your L-rd with full heart and soul, and to keep all of G-d's commandments and statutes ....' Herein are included the preferred subdivisions of the perfection of Divine service: reverence, walking in His way, love, wholeheartedness, the keeping of the mitzvot."

-- Ramchal will next expand upon each of the five subdivisions.

Translation of text (c) 1996 Rabbi Yaakov Feldman
Original comments (c) 2005 Rabbi Yaakov Feldman