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"The Great Redemption" (12)

"The Great Redemption" by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto

-- A Discourse on The End of the Exile and the Beginning of the Great Redemption

Translated by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman


In fact, this initial stage (of redemption, i.e., P’kidah) occurred in (the course of the redemption from) Egypt. For indeed it’s written about that time that, “G-d (Elo-him) observed the people of Israel, and G-d (Elo-him) knew” (Exodus 2:25). Though G-d’s name is mentioned twice here, only one (usage) refers to G-d Himself. He was referred to as “Elo-him” since the Luminaries were still suffused with might and no mercy; His name Y-H-V-H (which signifies mercy) is only mentioned later.

“And G-d (Elo-him) knew” refers to the Shechina -- which is also referred to as Elo-him -- knowing; which will occur at the P’kidah, as I’d mentioned.

It’s said of this P’kidah, “Go and gather together the elders of Israel and say to them, G-d the L-rd of your fathers ... appeared to me, saying, I *have* surely visited (pakod pakaditi, alluding to the P’kidah) you and saw what is being done to you in Egypt” (Exodus 3:16) rather than “I *am* visiting you”, since it had already happened and the Z’chirah was about to come about.

Moses was hesitant to go because he knew it wasn’t yet time for the Z’chirah, so he said “But, behold, they will not believe me nor listen to my voice for they will say, G-d hasn’t appeared to you” (Exodus 4:1). But G-d said to him, “Let this be a sign to you that I have sent you ... ” (Exodus 3:12), for he wouldn’t have been sent had things not already been rectified, since one isn’t to ignite the love (just) any time he cares to.

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